Saturday, January 24, 2009

Disrupting Class...

I'm in Memphis, TN, at the TURN Conference. This conference focused predominantly on teacher empowerment, autonomy, and innovation. Our conversations continued discussions from the fall meeting based on the book Disrupting Class by Clayton Christensen. Richard Ingersoll from UPenn also discussed teacher empowerment based on his latest book, and its effects in retention of teachers and the overall success of schools. Click here to see the powerpoint presentation.

DCTA and DPS presented the RFP process, and shared details of our proposed Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy. The Boston Teachers Union and United Federation of Teachers also presented overviews of their schools.

Thanks to Ethan Hemming from the DPS New Schools Office, as well as Melissa Verdeal, Elaine Giromini, and Melanie Mitchell from DCTA for presenting.

Next week we are gathering some local leaders and staff to talk about how this work can be continued in Colorado.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

I submitted a Speakout to the Denver Post that was published in Today's paper. It focuses on our Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy, as well as the need to create a high quality induction and mentoring program for our teachers.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DCTA Statement on the Superintendent Search

January 7, 2009

DPS Board of Education
900 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203

Dear President Peña and Members of the Board,

The Denver Classroom Teachers Association is looking forward to our continued work with the Denver Public Schools. In this time of transition, educational excellence is of utmost importance to our teachers and students. We have accomplished a lot in the last few months, and we want to keep moving forward.

One of the foremost challenges we face is bringing in new leadership. DCTA strongly encourages the district to conduct a national search to find a candidate for superintendent who has a strong education background. We believe a transparent process is critical to engaging the community and other district stakeholders.

The Denver community has played a significant role in the school district over the last year, and their continued involvement is imperative to the success of our students. They will be a valuable asset in the search for a new superintendent.

DCTA looks forward to continuing our collaborative efforts to improve the teaching and learning environments of our schools. We want to acknowledge and thank the Board of Education for all of their hard work.

On behalf of the DCTA Board of Directors,

Kim Ursetta, NBCT